Hummingbird Love – 11oz Accent Mug


Hummingbird Love – 11oz Accent Mug various colors



Hummingbird Love – 11oz Accent Mug

Hummingbird Love 11oz Accent Mug showcases a Native American Woodland Flower and Hummingbird Design by Louise Isham

Comes with an array of color schemes (blue/white, green/white, red/white, and pink/white), The quality ceramic and printing can withstand machine washing.

.: Material: white ceramic with colored interior and handle
.: One size: 11 oz (0.33 l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-handle

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About the Design

Hummingbird Love Design by Louise Isham

I have always loved these amazing little birds! Besides being beautiful, they represent various positive things and mean so much to many people around the World. In Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe Language) the word for hummingbird is nenookaasi. I have always seen the nenookaasi as a shining light spreading peace, love, and truth. In addition, they are fierce protectors and will do anything – no matter how insignificant it may seem – to protect its home.

A Brief Story Behind the Hummingbird

Back in the days of the grandfathers, there was a great fire. All the animals took refuge at the edge of a lake. They stood in shock, crying, and holding each other as they watched their home being brought to cinders. The fire raged high into the sky and the animals did not know what could be done.

At this time, the nenookaasi was different of how we know of them today – as they could only fly like other birds. Frantic and with courage, the nenookaasi filled his beak with water and flew back to the flames, dropping the water. The small bird continued bringing small drops of water to the fire, doing whatever it could to protect his home and put out the flames. Back and forth, back and forth.

The fox seen what was going on and asked nenookaasi what he was doing. The fox exclaimed that the dew size drop of water wasn’t doing anything and he was wasting his time. The brave little bird told the fox that he had to do something, that he had to try. Nenookaasi continued bringing drops of water to the flames, tiring but continuing. The Great Spirit noticed what the little bird was doing and came down, telling the little bird how impressed he was with him. The Great Spirit told the bird that he was giving him a special gift. A gift of speed, endurance, and beauty to accompany the many talents it already possessed.

With his new gifts, nenookaasi was faster and could deliver his water quicker without getting tired. He could hover and fly in any direction avoiding the flames. The other animals were inspired by this little bird and began delivering water as well. A little by little, the edge of the fire was slowly extinguished. It may have not been a large area, but it was something. Just as the animals began to tire, rain began to pour, helping to put out the fire.

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